Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In the Works

So I have actually been back to the game for a few months now, and have been enjoying a Loremaster. She's 48th level now and stalled while I wait for Book 12 to come out. I like Goblin Town, but have been in there several times now and gone to the Throne Room and back. I want to adventure in Annuminas, but the place is a Ghost Town. Carn Dum is interesting, but we have to compete for rare drops. Where are my quests? In Angmar. Which, to this point, I have found both tedious and frustratingly difficult.

I also have happily resurrected my other characters, Idis of Rohan, Vestri the Dwarf, and Sharon the Burglar. Idis and Vestri are both Guardians, both because I like the class and because I want to see how the Overpower stance works. In other words, I want my shieldmaiden and my irate dwarf at the same time.

The conspicuously absent character here, of course, is Imraheth. I quit playing her -- and the rest of the game -- rather suddenly because I wasn't having much fun with her for reasons familiar to any online roleplayer. Imraheth had a very robust network of friends and family, and the players of her best friend, romantic partner, and ex-romantic partner all quit at the same time. She still had friends and confidants around, but when she was with them she was still depressed all the time. I don't find that very fun, especially when I could be writing or playing tabletop games.

Nevertheless, the Red Arrows really need a Lead GM and some plot supervision, and I also want to see how the new Captain skills work out. So I am currently working on a major plot which will include the return of Imraheth of Dol Amroth. I'm eager to get back into the RP groove with her.

So if you see me online, say hi.