Monday, June 25, 2007

Casting Call

I don't always have strokes of genius, but one that I did have was casting the legendary Kim Basinger as Gail Windsor, my character on Crucible City MUX. Basinger has so much class she sells the spillover at the Auction House, but the best part about picking her was that I was able to -- in one swoop -- net two decades of pictures which I could use to spin out dozens of stories about Gail's past. A shot of Basinger in cowboy garb turned into Gail's summer with the Texas Rangers, and so on.

Imraheth has been very hard to cast. I have resolved never to get a coup as sweet as Gail's. However, I think I have settled. Monica Bellucci's Mediterranean face is the modern equivalent of Numenorean ancestry, she has the straight dark hair that was key, and she isn't built like a twig.

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