Sunday, May 20, 2007

Days of Fame and Glory!

Two interesting developments for those who give a damn about what I do.

I've been talking to the people at the LotRO RP Haven and after a flatteringly brief exchange we have decided that I will do a column there roughly every other week. The form will be a bit like this blog, though with more time spent in drafting and revision, though I suspect that the "rantlike" nature of what I dare to call "essays" will not alter. My first column, "Love, Sex, and LotRO" should be out next week, Eru willing and the creek don't rise.

Secondly, I have finally finished a draft of a story I have been tossing around in my head for about a month. It began as my answer to the "IC kinchat" dilemma, or "How can a Hobbit in the Shire and an Elf in Rivendell talk to one another IC?" The germ of my resolution to the problem was easy to come up with; it was the story that was a bitch, but the development came to me Thursday and I have been itching to get it down on paper ever since. I expect to get it posted at the Green Dragon and on the Arrows homepage in the next day or two, and I will put some Author's notes here as well.

In other news, Veingloria appears to be MIA and I miss her.

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