Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well, Crap

For about two days I was very excited about a small LotRO project that was getting underway. A fellow on the Turbine boards had speculated about the possibility of an all-Loremaster kinship and he had seem pleased by the initial response. He and I bandied together until we came up with a name, and he seemed to like my idea that every member would have been taught by one of the Istari in the past, ensuring that we would all have at least one plot hook when it came time to sit around the Pony and chat. I used my coveted "Eldiriel" name slot to make up a Loremaster (a student of ring-lore under Saruman, I decided) and ran through the first 6 levels of the Newbie area.

Alas, he has decided the response was not so good after all, and the idea has been scrapped. Just as I was looking forward to assembling a nice, solid, "What we know about the Istari" essay, that would relate the Wizards to character creation in LotRO.

So ... crap.

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